Winner Security Innovation Competition Announced

18 Nov 2014
Author: HSD Foundation

Embedded Acoustics has won the 2014 edition of the Security Innovation Competition. The company’s concept for a Personal Data Recorder was awarded with a contract worth 200,000 euro. The Security Innovation Competition is a cooperation between the Ministry of Defence and the Ministry of Security and Justice. The competition’s goal is to stimulate innovation in the security sector and is meant specifically for small and medium enterprises (SMEs). The participating businesses were challenged to find innovative security solutions.

The seven-member jury derived from the security domain was led by the commander of the Dutch Defence Academy Major General Theo Vleugels. During the ceremony in the Kromhout Barracks in Utrecht he argued that Embedded Acoustics was the deserved winner because of its relative simplicity and broad applicability. During the awards ceremony, Deputy Director of HSD Joris Den Bruinen gave a presentation about HSD and its activities to support innovation. Possibilities for future cooperation between HSD, the Security Innovation Competition, and de Netherlands Industry for Defence and Security (NIDV) were also stressed.

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joris presentatie paint
Joris den Bruinen with a presentation about The Hague Security Delta.


rs D141114HR0038
Ron Nulkes (NIDV) together with the winners.