VisionsConnected Joins HSD as Premium Partner

28 Jun 2016
Author: HSD Foundation

VisionsConnected is a frontrunner in the field of videocommunications, security is a prominent aspect within their design. VisionsConnected, a company that delivers videoconferencing specialised in the fields of healthcare, judicial and corporate services, helping to simplify the work of for instance doctors, judiparamedics and nurses, recently joined HSD as a premium partner. VisionsConnected offers high-quality video communications and video conferencing equipment. VisionsConnected will install their videoservices at the HSD Campus. This way all HSD partners can use these services. With customers such as the Police force, the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and Environments and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs VisionsConnected is aware of the importance of security. Raymond Alves, CEO of VisionsConnected: "The role of security is increasing more and more in our society. You see this on many levels, macro and micro. As an organisation you have two options: you follow and initiate these developments by joining important parties and you contribute in developing security levels, or you do nothing. For us that last option was not an option. By joining The Hague Security Delta we now stand at the beginning of innovation in the field of security and we would like to be part of the developments."