Value Creation Capital Completes Second Closing of Deep Tech Fund

02 Feb 2024
Author: HSD Foundation

Value Creation Capital (VCC) has successfully achieved its second closing for the Deep Tech investment fund with a focus on Deep Tech, AI and Cybersecurity. This Deep Tech Fund's second closure marks a significant milestone, as they work toward their intended size of €50 million. The final close is scheduled for the conclusion of Q3 of this year. 


The portfolio is filled with a focus on Deep Tech, focusing on important themes such as Integrated Optics/Photonics/Nanotechnology, Medical Instrumentation & Analysis, Industry 5.0, Governance Risk Compliance & Cyber Security, as well as the infrastructure for Quantum Computing. These key technologies can also be found in the Dutch National Technology Strategy. Consequently, VCC makes investments in accordance with the critical technologies that Minister Adriaansens of Economic Affairs and Climate just determined. By doing this, they make targeted investments and strategically concentrate on innovation.


In the Deep Tech landscape, they have established a solid portfolio over the years with businesses such as Amsterdam Scientific Instruments, SenseGlove, Basetime BV, Fizyr, UReason, Optics11 - Fiber optic sensing systems, and Optics11 Life. Their ability to invest from (early) Scale-Up to Growth allows them to take advantage of this opportunity. In addition, the VCC Deep Tech Fund (DTF) is the organisation's fourth fund, following the Security of Things Fund (2016), TechNano Fund (2015), Deep Tech Seed Fund (2022), and a portfolio of prior case-by-case investments.


Click here for more information on VCC's Deep Tech Fund.


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