Unique Innovations on Display During Innovation Days in Scheveningen

23 Sep 2020
Author: HSD Foundation

From September 22nd to September 27th, the Innovation Days take place in Scheveningen. This is an initiative of the Municipality of The Hague, the Province of South Holland and the Rotterdam The Hague Metropolitan Area. The Innovation Days mark the start of Living Lab Scheveningen: the new boulevard contains a digital infrastructure, which creates a unique and safe learning environment for (digital) innovative applications that tackle societal challenges such as safety and security. 


The first innovations are presented during the Innovation Days. For example, smart lampposts that measure noise and noise pollution (Cyrb) can help authorities gain insight into and respond effectively to noise pollution. Residents can also contribute to this through reporting noise pollution via a mobile application. Additional functionalities can also be added to the smart lampposts in the future, such as cameras for the purpose of crowd management. Other examples of innovations presented during the Innovation Days include a beach robot that clears cigarette butts (Project.BB) and a self-propelled waste bin that approaches you when you wave at it (Waid), which functions as a creative way of making people more aware of waste.All these innovations together aim to contribute to a safer and more livable boulevard. 


The learning aspect is central to the project. Participation of various stakeholders such as experts and residents is an important part of the innovation process, that started in 2017 already. More than twenty guided tours and dialogue sessions mark the start of a new phase in the participation process. 


Alderman for Economy Saskia Bruines: 

"The economy is changing. The municipality of The Hague considers it important that there is an environment on land, at sea and in the air in which (digital) innovations can be tested by residents, start-ups and other companies, civil organizations and other government authorities. We facilitate that environment. In this environment we think about questions such as: which innovative developments have a positive social impact, and how do we roll them out on a larger scale in the future? The dialogue about this with residents, companies and science is essential in making those innovations transparent and responsible. "


Living Lab Scheveningen is an example of a municipal living lab that is used for experiments in the field of safety and security as part of the Impact Coalition Safety and Security (ICSS). In this Impact Coalition, a number of G-5 and G-40 municipalities are working together with the National Police and the VNG to tackle urban security challenges with smart society solutions, in order to make better use of the opportunities of digitization and technological development. The intention is to learn from each other when it comes to safety and security in public spaces with innovative digital solutions, the cybersecurity of those solutions and ethical issues related to new technologies that we use. The Hague Security Delta supports this coalition. 


For more information about the Impact Coalition Safety and Security, see our news item on this topic. More general information about Living Lab Scheveningen can be found on the municipality's website. If you want to know more or if you want to experiment in the living lab send an e-mail to smartthehague@denhaag.nl.



The Netherlands has many living labs for different application domains. For more information about other living labs, check also Living Labs for Security Innovations!

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