Unique European Funding Opportunity for Innovative Security Solutions and Security Experts!

20 Jan 2022
Author: HSD Foundation

The first open call of the European funding project SecurIT opens on 25 January, 2022. This project, where HSD is closely involved in as a guiding cluster, is part of the Horizon2020 agenda. SecurIT will make a total of over 3.5 million euros available to SMEs to stimulate the development of innovative security solutions. In addition, the project offers interesting opportunities for both SMEs and security experts.


What opportunities are there?


For entrepreneurs and businesses:

Are you part of or managing an SME (max. 250 employees and 50 million annual turnover), that is currently developing an innovative security solution? Then SecurIT might be the project for you. SecurIT will select 21 projects in the first open call, each of which can receive up to €74.000 or €88.000 (depending on the development stage the project is in). The project is specifically looking for solutions within the following 3 domains; the protection of sensitive infrastructure, disaster resilience, and the protection of public places and major events.


Projects should be submitted by a minimum of two European security SMEs. The emphasis here is on European cooperation. So it is encouraged that you collaborate with an SME from a different country than where you are based. Don't have an immediate connection with another company you could collaborate with? No worries, the supporting clusters (including HSD) will offer support in matchmaking to try to find an appropriate partner for your project.


The first open call opens on January 25, 2022 and will close on April 26, 2022.

After the pre-selection, a jury day will take place in which your project will be evaluated based on a short pitch. For further explanation of the project and more information about the application please visit https://securit-project.eu  or contact HSD Innovation Liaison joeri.glastra@securitydelta.nl


For experts:

Are you a leading expert in the field of security? Would you like to be involved in a major European project? Or are you interested in the latest developments in the security market? Then SecurIT is also interesting for you! For the evaluation of projects, we are looking for evaluators. These evaluators will be assigned a selection of applications. They will evaluate the applications based on the criteria set by the SecurIT project, but also based on their content. The evaluators work together with evaluators from different countries and sectors. We will eventually distribute 12-15 proposals per evaluator and expect the evaluation to take 3 days in total.


Evaluators will receive appropriate compensation. After opening the first call we will actively seek evaluators, are you interested already? Please contact Joeri Glastra at joeri.glastra@securitydelta.nl


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