Twente Safety & Security Organises Safe Soccer Creathon Challenge

02 May 2016
Author: HSD Foundation
Twente Safety and Security, regional hub of The Hague Security Delta, invites you to join their Safe Soccer Challenge (Veilig Voetbal Challenge) which will take place this coming May 24 and 25 in the Design Lab of University of Twente. What is the Creathon about? The set up of this 48-hour is a challenge between teams in which they are stimulated to develop creative solutions for urban problems. The teams can consist of professionals, students, researchers and other people who are interested. The goal is to create a (combination of) policy approaches, behavioural and/or technical solutions which will hopefully contribute to a hospitable, open and safe soccer game environment.  Open data will be used in this challenge. The winning team will earn 500 euros and will be given the opportunity to further develop their with the support of Kennispark Twente. 
What are the questions within this challenge?
(a) How can we prevent fireworks will be brought to soccer games.
(b) In the case where fireworks are smuggled into the stadium; how can we detect this and how can we prevent visitors using the fireworks?
(c) If that doesn't work and visitors do throw with fireworks, can we detect the users?
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