SME Hackathon Innovation Sensation The Hague

02 Aug 2016
Author: HSD Foundation

HSD partner KvK (Chamber of Commerce) is going to organise a 2-day Hackathon in The Hague (September 2-3). The Hague Security Delta is endorsing partner of this event. Prize money per challenge: 1st place € 7.000, 2nd place € 2.000 and 3rd place € 1.000. Build your idea in 24-hours together with designers, developers and analists and with data resources from a variety of companies. The Innovation Sensation will provide you:


  • Access to organisations, widen your horizon and your network, learn about the latest developments
  • Concrete business challenges from FloraHolland, The City of Den Haag, Zilveren Kruis, The Hague Security Delta and more 


The Challenges


  • Downtown: Smart Shopping - Hester is entrepeneur with a shop downtown. She knows she has to present her company better online to generate more income. Collaborations are crucial to success. Help Hester and the entrepeneurs around her with their online presence in downtown The Hague and strengthen the area.
  • SecurityCyber criminality - Emma is entrepeneur in The Hague. Her company is too small to hire a 'Security Officer', she trusts her IT supplier blindly and is unaware of the cyber security risks. How do we create more awareness amongst small business entrepeneurs?
  • Health - Healthy workers - Jeroen is an independent professional who works in the construction business. He has plenty of work and there are exciting times coming up but what he should really do is take care of himself because lately he doesn't sleep that well anymore. At home he takes care of Thea his partner who has a burn-out. Does Jeroen know he has to keep an eye on his own health as well, what does that mean for his company? Help Jeroen to stay aware of his physical, mental, emotional, as well as his financial health.
  • Flora: Green is Good! - Carolien loves nature and green: plants, flowers and trees. Help Carolien to convince everyone that green is good. Green in the work space, green in the city. Carolien has a database with thousands of plants and flowers. What can she do with that database to convince potential buyers to buy more flowers and plants?


De Chamber of Commerce (KvK) is looking for entrepeneurs, freelancers and students with ICT knowledge to work on these challenges! 


Browse here for more info and registration!

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