SIM-CI in Premium Partnership with HSD

18 Jul 2017
Author: HSD Foundation

For SIM-CI, it is of utmost importance that the vital infrastructures are protected and that any potential risks are identified and mitigated. By using a ‘digital twin city’ approach, in which digital copies are made of a city's vulnerable networks, it is possible to simulate and assess threats and incidents beforehand and help critical infrastructure owners and city council to take appropriate measures. To keep our society safe and secure, partnering up and sharing knowledge is crucial. Since protecting Critical Infrastructures is also one of the topics of The Hague Security Delta (HSD) this partnership has additional value for both parties .


Premium partnership
As Igor van Gemert, CEO & Founder of Sim-Ci states: “As a Pemium partner SIM-CI would like to contribute extensively to the HSD network. SIM-CI has extensive knowledge about crisis and risk simulations of critical infrastructures. Since HSD facilitates sharing knowledge between businesses, knowledge institutions and governmental organisations, HSD can provide us an expansive network of partners on the business side, as well as working together with representatives of cities.”


Making cities ‘resilient by design’
Through simulations SIM-CI offers governments and CI owners the insights and information that they need to create resilient cities; building an environment that offers its inhabitants safety and comfort. Critical Infrastructures are vulnerable to different (security) challenges. Infrastructure failure, or even just a simple service disruption, can have a huge social, environmental and economic impact on society. Van Gemert: “We concentrate on: How we make our cities ‘resilient by design’? With scenario planning technologies, it is now possible to truly become future-proof, by integrating different criteria into the planning process of CIs.”

Digital twin cities
In order to test and asses the resilience of cities and their vital infrastructures, SIM-CI develops digital twin cities. A twin city is a digital copy of a city, which accurately represents its infrastructures and mimics all vital urban processes, as well as their impact on the city.

By using 3D VR simulations SIM-CI can run various maintenance, incident or disaster scenarios. This allows governments and critical infrastructure owners to evaluate the impact of planned or unplanned events on their cities and infrastructures and create cities which are 'Resilient by Design’. By investing in technological tools the security and future of cities can be improved.


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