SIDN Hands Over CyberSterk to Guardian360 for the Next Phase

26 Feb 2021
Author: HSD Foundation

As of 1 April 2021 Guardian360 is taking over CyberSterk from SIDN. Guardian360 has been involved from the start in the development of the comprehensive cybersecurity service for SMEs. For the past two years SIDN has been working with Guardian360 and SecureMe2 to develop CyberSterk as a new security solution for SMEs. The proposition has since been proven to be a success. SIDN is now handing over the baton to a market player that can use its experience and extensive customer base to help CyberSterk grow further in order to be able to make SMEs safer.  


With the all-in-one CyberSterk solution, Guardian360 and SIDN are meeting a need among businesses for an easy-to-understand service that provides an insight into the vulnerabilities in their corporate networks and websites and that offers help when problems are identified. This is important, because most SMEs do not have their basic security in order because they lack the time, knowledge or financial resources to do so. SIDN's motivation has not been to make a profit, but rather to tackle a social problem and make SMEs more resilient. The development and launch of CyberSterk laid the foundations for that.


Arjan Middelkoop, SIDN's commercial director, said: 'Over two years ago, we saw an increase in cyber threats to SMEs. Together with our partners, we developed CyberSterk. It is now an effective, comprehensive cyber security solution that provides SMEs with an easy-to-use overview of their vulnerabilities and helps them to improve their cyber resilience. The growth in the number of customers and sales partners shows that there is a clear need for this. In the past year, we also saw that the number of cyber-attacks targeting SMEs is increasing even faster than expected. We are therefore pleased that our long-time partner Guardian360 is taking over from us in the next phase, and with its network and distribution power can help CyberSterk grow even faster and make SMEs safer."


Jan Martijn Broekhof, managing director of Guardian360: "Guardian360 has been involved with CyberSterk from the very beginning because we believe that Dutch SMEs should be supported with understandable and affordable solutions. With CyberSterk SIDN has not only developed a fitting service, CyberSterk has also become a strong label. Together with our technology partner SecureMe2 and distributor TST ict distribution, we will further expand the CyberSterk proposition to make Dutch SMEs even more secure."


As a result of the takeover by Guardian360, current customers can continue to use CyberSterk in the familiar way. New customers can go to one of the many CyberSterk sales partners of TST ict distribution. Although SIDN's name is no longer associated with the cyber security service, it will continue to actively promote CyberSterk over the coming year. The acquisition also gives SIDN scope to focus on other things, thereby increasing its impact on a more carefree and secure internet.

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