Rob de Wijk: “Triple Helix key to success”

07 Mar 2013
Author: HSD Foundation

This network of companies, governments and research institutions are aiming to place The Hague as the "Security Port to Europe" in order to boost innovation in the region. According to Director Rob de Wijk the so-called "triple-helix" is key to success. In an interview with "Public Mission" Rob de Wijk indicates that whereas many sectors suffer from a weak economic climate, the security sector has a huge potential for economic growth and is open to new ideas. The bar is set high for HSD as the objective is to triple the current 1.5 billion in revenues within the coming twelve years. Director Rob de Wijk spoke with "Public Mission", a platform for senior civil servants employed by the State, provinces and municipalities, about HSD's upcoming projects and the future of The Hague as the security port to Europe.


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