Results HSD Development Fund

01 Jan 2016
Author: HSD Foundation

The HSD Development Fund,  which was available in 2014 and 2015, aimed to support organisations’ innovative ideas to get through the phase between basic research and the development of a concept model, also known as ‘the Valley of Death’. The Fund was supported by the municipality of The Hague in order to strengthen the Dutch security cluster. In 2014 and 2015 each 1 million euro was made available. Proposals were assessed by the city council of The Hague, InnovationQuarter and HSD on their relevance to the security domain, the innovativeness of the ideas, the level of public-private or private-private collaboration, and their potential for creating additional market opportunities.


Winners HSD Development Fund 2014 

  1. The ThreadStone Cyber Security project aims to detect and report weak sports in websites and devices connected to the internet. This leads to the prevention of cybercrime.
    Consortium partners: Threadstone, Worldstream, TNO
  2. Digital Evidence Dashboard is a product that makes it possible for non-technical detectives to determine in an early stage which digital evidence could be of relevance.
    Consortium partners: In-pact, TracksInspector, TNO, SZW, FIOD
  3. Foxguard is a detection tool that can be used by organisations to find out whether or not their computers have fallen victim to digital espionage or a cyber attack.
    Consortium partners: Fox-IT, TU Delft, Dreamsolution, Philips, Greenpeace, PWC
  4. Mister eXtra is developing a tool for preventing traces being effaced or become unusable during forensic analyses. Detectives will be able to see results directly at the crime scene without having to send the traces to a laboratory first. This increases the chances of criminals being caught.
    Consortium partners: NFI, TU Delft, Descin, BVDA
  5. Total Blackout is a serious game that helps users from different critical sectors, like energy and telecom, prepare for crises.
     Consortium partners: Pax Ludens, TNO, DPI Information House, T-Xchange (Thales), Vopak, Stedin
  6. Eventcloud is creating a platform for open and closed event data and security features. The platform’s goal is to increase the security at events and at the same time decrease security costs, making events more profitable and assuring the existence of free-of-charge public events.
    Consortium partners: Future Events, Proost BV, Incentro, KPN


Winners HSD Development Fund 2013

  • Blood in the Spotlight:  development of a special camera for forensic investigation, which can determine the age of blood traces without these traces being destroyed or touched.
  • The Crisis Communication Game: a serious game for crisis communication professionals to  increase their knowledge and skills.
  • Futurebase: a platform to be able to record and analyse strategic information in support of decision making about strategic issues in national security.
  • SAM Outdoordevelopment of a robot that can serve as a guard in outdoor environments.
  • Tokenizer: development of a tool that provides an additional security layer for logging in to e-mail accounts and internet platforms