Research in Progress: Smart City Technologies for Urban Security

11 Dec 2018
Author: HSD Foundation

The HSD network, supported by HSD Office, has a signaling and agenda setting role in the security domain. To identify new developments and techniques, HSD Office has commissioned a research on new smart city technology that can be applied to prevent or mitigate urban security issues. The research will be conducted by TNO and Van Aetsveld.


The two primary trends that have led to the request of this research are:


  • the growing rise of the Internet of Things, and,
  • the increasing need of collaboration to improve safety and security.


The results of the research are expected by February 2019, they will be made public within the HSD network.


More information 

Read the research scope here. The document is only available in Dutch. Want to contribute? Please contact Mark Ruijsendaal, Innovation Liaison at HSD Office via:

HSD Partners involved