Recap of HSD Café Security & GDPR: Opportunities and Challenges

25 May 2018
Author: HSD Foundation

As from today, 25 May 2018, the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation for the European Union) has become applicable and is aiming at even stricter and stronger rights for EU citizens regarding their personal data. This can have significant consequences for data breach management.


On 8 May, The Hague Security Delta organised the HSD Café: Security & GDPR. This event focused on the future, the challenges and opportunities of the GDPR. The opportunities and challenges below show the highlights of the break-out sessions that took place during the event. 



  • Market position: the quality of data security can be used as unique selling point.
  • Safety and cost savings: because companies are obliged to protect their data better, this reduces the risk of data leaks. By working efficiently and having an overview, you can also work more cost-efficient. 
  • Awareness: the GDPR is a step in the right direction, because all organisations are now forced to think about what data they collect.
  • Innovation: new insights are gained, companies become more creative.


  • Enforcement: due the ambiguity that prevails over the boundaries of law, organisations await for jurisprudence, organisations are not sure what to expect from the enforcement.
  • Implementation and maintaining measures: the challenges faced by large companies / organisations are related to the fact that data is so distributed, and that many different departments have to work together. For SMEs, the challenges lie mainly in the area of ​​capacity.
  • Human error: all ICT systems are still up-to-date and developed according to privacy by design, people remain people and sometimes people make mistakes.


View the entire report here (in Dutch): pdfNotities HSD Café: Security & GDPR

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