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The Centrum Informatiebeveiliging en Privacybescherming (Center for Information Security and Privacy Protection) is a public-private network organsation that consists of Participants and Knowledge Partners. Participants are public companies, of which employees participate in one or more of the connections in the network. Knowledge Partners are private parties that are bound with a convenant and have promissed a number of hours to the collaboration.


CIP was founded by the Dutch tax service, DUO, SVB and UWV and originates from the program Compacte Rijksdienst (2011-2012). This and other executive organisations receive, maintain and process large amounts of data. In accordance with legal boundaries the information processes have to meet requirements of availability, integrity and confidentiality. The growing digitisation of work processes and the communication with civilians on the one hand and the growing security risks on the other hand, this asks for more attention than ever.


More effect with the same means

Starting point is that by cooperation more can be done with the same resources and people. CIP bundles and shares knowledge and experience of a large number of public organisations and private parties that have joined as knowledge partners.



As a partnership we want to give a relevant contribution to information security of the Dutch public services and the chains in which the organisations cooperate. With that we also work on the confidence of civilians in the public services. For organising of sharing and developing knowledge CIP has a number of ways to work. There are domain groups, work groups, practitioners communities and the digital cooperation environment cip.pleio. Within these frames cooperation is organised along the axis of a specific theme. Theme's are among others: Secure Software, Privacy, Chain Problems, Awareness and Regulation.