Rathenau Institute Research: "Strengthen Digital Resilience with New Technology"

03 Jul 2020
Author: HSD Foundation

New technologies such as Artificial Intelligence not only offer opportunities to make the Netherlands more digitally resilient. They are even necessary. This concludes the Rathenau Institute in the study "Cyber ​​resilient with new technology - Opportunity and necessity of digital innovation", commissioned by the Cyber Security Council.


The research shows that in addition to artificial intelligence, strong forms of encryption are required to increase cyber resilience. According to the Rathenau Institute, we must encrypt sensitive data as quickly as possible so that it can withstand an attack with a quantum computer.


It is also very important to make more and better use of existing, but underutilized technologies. If even basic security measures like strong passwords or software updates are underutilized, it makes little sense to bet on the latest innovations.


In addition, we must ensure that the Netherlands and Europe do not fall further behind of the United States and China. More and more digital services in the field of cyber resilience are being outsourced to large foreign tech companies. According to the researchers, the Netherlands and Europe are losing control over data as a result.


These problems can be mitigated by encrypting sensitive data by default, by setting stricter requirements for suppliers and by developing more IT activities in the Netherlands and Europe.


The research 


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