Quantum Computing in Cyber Security Domain: Report and HSD Cafe

19 Sep 2019
Author: HSD Foundation

On 17 September a report about Quantum Computing was published by HSD Office. The report Understanding the strategic and Technical Significance of Technology for Security, Implications of Quantum Computing within the Cybersecurity Domain was launched during the HSD Café about Quantum Technology.


The objective of the Quantum Technology initiative within the Hague Security Delta (HSD) is to create the practical facilities for cyber security companies to experiment with Quantum Key Exchange technology. These companies can improve practical skills and knowledge and realise innovative solutions for their (encryption) products. In this way we will get prepared for the post-quantum era.


Quantum computers are widely seen as a breakthrough technology, especially when employed in disciplines like artificial intelligence, cryptography, and big data analytics. Yet, with the undeniable promise of quantum computing come vast amounts of hype and confusion, ranging from what a quantum computer precisely entails, to when one can expect a quantum computer, to what sort of applications it might offer. We need to be prepared for this in future.


HSD Cafe


HSD Cafe

The packed HSD Café with different disciplines in the HSD community, highlighted where we are standing now with Quantum Technology. Also the opportunities and threats in reference to Cybersecurity was spoken about. With a contribution from Professor Stephanie Wehner, expert on Quantum Technology and Roadmap Leader from the Quantum Internet and Networked Computing (QINC) roadmap from QuTech the scope was set. Also, Quantum ambassador, expert and former CISO from KPN Jaya Baloo talked about the opportunities and threats around Quantum Technology and Cybersecurity. Dimitri van Esch from ABN AMRO talked about the ABN AMRO initiatives taken. 


If you want to learn more about Quantum Technology within the security domain? Read the full report now! Also learn more how HSD is involved in the innovative programme around Quantum Technology!


Did you know?

On 16 September 2019 Princeton Professor Robbert Dijkgraaf presented the State Secretary Mona Keijzer the National Agenda on Quantum Technology, which aims to position the Netherlands as a leading international center and hub for quantum technology.

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