Public-Private Cooperation to Reduce the Shortage of IT Professionals

02 Dec 2015
Author: HSD Foundation

In today’s world, innovative capacity is directly related to economic growth. A lack of IT professionals limits this innovative capacity. The dutch digital delta has therefore set up the Human Capital Agenda (HCA). Within the HCA, knowledge institutions, businesses and governments cooperate to attract young people to the jobs of the future. They will, for example, do this in the form of scholarships and internships in the early stages of the educational process, and through retraining in the later stages.

In addition to strengthening the innovative capacity of the Netherlands, it also makes the Netherlands a more attractive country for international investors. HSD sees the HCA as a best practice and will make use of the lessons learned to also attract more people towards a career in the field of security. In 2016 HSD will for example organise several events related to security talent.

New HSD Partner IT Talent College 2016
''We believe that everybody has the right to increase his or her knowledge through accessible means. We do that by connecting partners, educational institutions, companies, professionals and IT Talents. Together we create and exchange up-to-date content." To achieve this, we will organize no less than 8 editions in 2016. During these recording evenings, cool lecturers will inspire IT Talents. These are the themes: Privacy, Cloud, Mobile Development / Open Source, Game Development / Gamification , Robotics / Drones, eHealth, Security / Hacking , IoT (Internet of Things).

Click impression video 1 or impression video 2 to check out the IT Talent College 2015 editions.