Progress Update: National Innovation Agenda for Security 2015

22 Jan 2015
Author: HSD Foundation

After the ratification of the National Innovation Agenda for Security 2015 (NIAS) on 26 November 2014, HSD Office started organising the necessary processes for developing the 16 innovation key focus areas named in this agenda. The first step has been the organisation of kick off meetings for every individual innovation key focus area. HSD Office has already sent out most invitations to the assigned lead parties and potential partners. After these kick-off meetings, the lead parties will take charge of further shaping the innovation key focus areas together with the potential partners.


Mondriaan and The Hague University of Applied Sciences are currently investigating how the NIAS can be included in their curricula. TNO has assigned contact persons for every innovation key focus area.


On 20 January the NIAS was presented in Tilburg during a meeting of SIVV/DITSS, and on 22 January the NIAS was part of a theme day of the National Think Tank Integrated Security (NDIB) at the HSD Campus. Discussions with a number of other partners are currently taking place as well to concretise their role in the NIAS. It is now important to keep pace and to quickly establish ‘coalitions of the willing and able’.


But Klaasen, Innovation Manager of the NCTV, recently emphasized the importance of coordination and cooperation within security innovation tracks in an article in the NCTV magazine ‘ Nationale Veiligheid en Crisisbeheersing’. He mentioned the NIAS as one of the key agendas. Click here for the article (in Dutch).


Click here for the NIAS report in Dutch.

Click here for the NIAS report in English.