Prevention of and Fight against Crime

23 Jul 2012
Author: HSD Foundation

Organised crime is a threat to European citizens, businesses and state institutions – as well as the economy as a whole. Criminals operate across borders, and consistent European-level action is the most effective way to stop them. The Programme Prevention of and Fight against Crime (ISEC) supports such activities.


ISEC has a budget of EUR 600 million for the period 2007–13 and contributes to citizens’ security through projects that prevent and combat crime. Terrorism, human trafficking, child abuse, cybercrime, illicit drug and arms trafficking, corruption and fraud are a particular focus. The programme has four key strands:



  • crime prevention
  • law enforcement
  • witness protection and support
  • victim protection.


The EU supports actions intended to increase operational cooperation (e.g. strengthening networking, mutual confidence and understanding, exchanging and disseminating information, experiences and best practices). Other funded activities include monitoring and evaluation, development and transfer of technology and methodology, training and exchanges and awareness-raising and dissemination. Read more.