Premium Partnership Nixu, Next Step to Further Expand in the Region

06 Dec 2019
Author: HSD Foundation

After first taking premises at the HSD Campus, Nixu now also joins the HSD Community as Premium Partner. With these actions, Nixu is taking steps to further expand in the region.


Nixu is an international cybersecurity services company offering a wide variety of holistic cybersecurity services to key stakeholders in the public and private sectors. In the Benelux, Nixu specializes in specific areas including Risk Management, IT/OT, Digital Identity Management and IoT. The company aims to provide the best workplace to its team of about 400 cybersecurity professionals with a hands-on attitude. With Nordic roots, Nixu serves enterprise clients globally. Nixu was established in 1989, and its shares are listed on the Nasdaq stock exchange in Helsinki.


Nixu strives to develop and grow in the Benelux to support the company’s 2024 vision to become the trusted go-to partner for cybersecurity services for digitalization in Northern Europe. They entered the Benelux market by establishing an office in Amsterdam in March 2016 and opening a second one at the HSD campus in The Hague in October 2019. The office was opened in the presence of the ambassador of Finland in the Netherlands, Päivi Kaukoranta.


Nixu Office Opening HSD1


Becoming Premium Partner

Becoming part of HSD’s ecosystem is a proof of value of the collaboration between industry peers and creates leverage for next-level cybersecurity discussions and measures, in the Netherlands and beyond. Within the HSD security cluster Nixu aims to cooperate on OT security with other organizations, as the Nixu Cyber Defense Center of Excellence is located on campus. Through the center, Nixu focuses on commercial services as well as on collaborative knowledge sharing and research. The partnership marks the next step in Nixu’s efforts to further expand its operations in the region. The company recently outlined its enhanced strategic intent for the Benelux, which encompasses developing the company’s local presence from a start-up to a scale-up status within three years.


Matthijs van der Wel, Nixu Benelux Market Area Lead: “We believe the partnership between Nixu and HSD serves multiple joint purposes. We hope our partnership will contribute to the further establishment of international cyber-pools needed to meet the ever-growing intrinsic demand for knowledge sharing and insight in cybersecurity.”


Boardrooms to embrace cybersecurity

With the current challenges in the security domain, Nixu aims to utilize its experience and track record in cybersecurity to help change the way it is perceived. Cybersecurity is often seen as an annoying business expense, and as something that should be addressed by the IT department. Nixu wants businesses and the public to understand that cybersecurity is a complex process, which spans from individual behaviour to corporate security measures. And that spendings on cybersecurity are an investment that can yield potential business advantages. Nixu wants boardrooms to start embracing cybersecurity from an ROI angle.


Collaboration on specific security issues

Nixu looks forward to working with the community at HSD in the field of knowledge sharing and potential joint projects.  Specifically in the area of OT, Nixu invests in demonstrating its capabilities.


“If partners are open to collaboration, we very much welcome them to visit us at the campus to discuss.”, says Suzanne Rijnbergen, Head of the Nixu Benelux Cyber Defense Center “The collaboration with HSD perfectly fits the Netherlands’ ambition to continue to support public-private cooperation in the field of cybersecurity. It will help Nixu connect to other cybersecurity organizations, universities and businesses internationally – an initiative we know is also strongly supported by the City of The Hague.”