Pandora Intelligence Receives Investment of € 3 million to Help Prevent Crimes and Manage Crises.

13 Apr 2021
Author: HSD Foundation

Pandora Intelligence, creator of the leading data-driven scenario platform, announced it has closed 3 million Euros in financing led by Heligan Partners, investors in the National Security, crime prevention and public safety sectors. The new capital will enable substantial growth of Pandora Intelligence in the domain of Crime & Safety, but also enable the company to expand their software platform to adjacent markets.


Scenarios and data science

Pandora Intelligence is built on the notion that our society is based on narratives. A technology designed to aid humans in complex situations, should therefore be based on a narrative structure. The company has developed a scenario platform that includes the latest data science techniques and allows organisations to combine different types of open and closed data into operational scenarios. “Our scenario platform helps organisations to better handle crime prevention and crisis situations.” says Ard Jol, CEO of Pandora Intelligence. “The platform combines realtime information about an incident, with knowledge of past incidents and crises from anywhere in the world. More importantly, it calculates the best possible outcome and presents the user operational scenarios of how to get to that outcome.”


The funding will enable Pandora Intelligence to grow their existing business in crime and safety as well as to expand to adjacent markets. “The team of Pandora Intelligence have obtained an impressive foothold in the domain of crime and safety over the last few years,” said a Heligan spokesperson, "While this is a great example of the type of founder-led, capital-efficient business that we like to invest in, we found the potential of the scenario platform in other domains such as the banking sector or the Know-your-customer process, most impressive.”


“Since we were able to predict and prevent a terrorist attack in the Netherlands, we have learned that our technology is applicable in any decision-making process that involves too much data for humans to process. So far, the software platform has proven its relevance in different sectors and across various clients.” says Ard Jol. “With Heligan Partners on our side, we have the expertise to grow our business to other markets while expanding our foothold in Crime and Safety in Europe.”


About Pandora Intelligence

Pandora Intelligence is the result of the Ph.D. research of Prof. dr. Peter de Kock who combined a career as film director with that of Chief of Police. Together with founder and CTO Peter Rakké, De Kock developed a scenario platform that combines many different types of data into scenarios as they are used in the film industry. In 2017 De Kock and Rakké partnered with Brooklyn Ventures and Ard Jol was appointed CEO. Pandora Intelligence is based in the Netherlands and currently employs 30+ people in the Netherlands and Argentine. Since its foundation it has built a client portfolio that includes international Police organizations, Ministries of Defense and Justice, Safety regions and Intelligence services. In addition, airline companies, logistical services and freight-transport organisations rely on the scenario platform to ensure compliance and integrity.


Pandora Intelligence aims to attribute to an inclusive society where unbiased decisions are made based on human equality. Therefore, it introduced the concept of Responsible Data Science. Pandora Intelligence won several innovation prizes such as The Blue Tulip Award for the most innovative company in the domain of crime-prevention.

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