Opinion Piece: Time for High-Quality Digital Identities

13 Aug 2014
Author: HSD Foundation

On August 5 an opinion piece of Niek IJzinga, leader of HSD’s cyber security innovation house, was published in Het Financiële Dagblad. IJzinga argues that, to cope with increasing cyber security threats, consumer authentication systems used for bank transactions should also be used for electronic government transactions. 


More than 80 percent of the Dutch population already uses home banking services. As DigiD is not reliable enough for high-quality digital identities, maybe already available system like iDeal, which has proven to be much more secure, can be used. However, technical, juridical, and financial agreements between governments and banks are necessary for this.


IJzinga states: “luckily the [Dutch] government recently launched a breakthrough mechanism: The National Commissioner Digital Government. From this month onwards this commissioner will coordinate interagency activities in order to smoothen generic digital infrastructures. In my opinion, this should be his first priority. Time is running out.” 


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