Opening TNO Cyber Threat Lab at HSD Campus

21 Dec 2016
Author: HSD Foundation

On 21st of December Deputy Mayor Ingrid van Engelshoven (City of The Hague) officially opened the TNO Cyber Threat Intelligence Lab at the HSD Campus.


Cyber ​​Threat Information is the new response to cyber attacks. Cyber ​​attacks occur very regular and they are becoming more intense and more professional. Governments, businesses and the Dutch economy are under attack and suffer much damage from these threats. Prevention, monitoring and incident response alone is no longer enough. A new response is needed. With the opening of the Cyber ​​Threat Intelligence Lab, during Cyber ​​Threat Intelligence event,TNO shows how organisations with smart innovations can anticipate early on cyber threats and cyber attacks. TNO is one of the founding partners of HSD and underlines the importance of protection against these cyber threats.


The earlier a cyber threat is detected, the less damage it can cause as an attack on computer systems. In the Cyber ​​Threat Intelligence Lab (CTI Lab) TNO experiments with new technologies. Together with partners TNO detects for instance how cyber attacks can be detected and can be repelled at an early stage. For this they use a technology platform from EclecticIQ that collects cyber threat information from a variety of open and closed online resources. The big data analysis that follows provides insight into relevant cyber threats. This enables organisations to anticipate and take extra security measures. "By collecting and analysing threat information in a smart way, you are a step ahead of the attacker" said Annemarie Zielstra, Director of Cyber ​​Security & Resilience at TNO. "And if you also share the threat information, you become much more cyber resilient together. Investigation of confidential data-exchange will be an important part of the CTI Lab".


At HSD Campus

At the opening Ingrid van Engelshoven expressed the expectation that the CTI Lab will be a breeding ground for many innovations. "Innovation is necessary in order to realise digital security. This requires a place to pioneer and cooperate. Only then will we succeed. TNO has chosen the HSD Campus to locate their CTI Lab, the success rate is high. This is the gateway to the best knowledge in the field of cyber security and TNO adds its own quality to it."


Last April The Metropolitan Region Rotterdam The Hague (MRDH) provided funding to research to design a National Cyber Testbed. TNO and HSD started with their research on the opportunities and possibilities for the realisation of a national cyber testcentre. This testbed could enable and improve the digital security of critical infrastructures like water, energy, telecom and that of our health services. 


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