Official Launch National Hotline Watch Netherlands on Dutch Television

09 Jan 2017
Author: HSD Foundation

At 9th of January the Watch Netherlands programme, which is located at the HSD Campus, is officially lauched at the Dutch television by crime reporter John van den Heuvel in TV programme RTL Boulevard.

The Watch project was initiated by Terre des Hommes, Centre against Child Trafficking and Trafficking and healthcare facility Fier, in cooperation with HSD partners Tracksinspector and the University of Applied Sciences Leiden.


The WATCH Netherlands program was set up to stop sexual exploitation of minors. It gives the opportunity to victims, parents, caretakers, friends of victims, healthcare facilities, schools and anyone who has a suspicion of commercial sexual exploitation of minors to contact the national hotline. WATCH Netherlands investigates every report accurately and, if necessary, rely on the help of trafficking experts at the National Police.


The WATCH Netherlands Observation & Action Unit, led by Terre des Hommes, not only investigates the notifications, but also carries out proactive (online) research. This involves the use of forensic techniques developed for the famous Sweetie project of Terre des Hommes, including innovative web voyager software and profiles to attract and lure child molesters. Within the Sweetie program, Forensic IT students of the University of Applied Sciences Leiden work on the detection of child sex tourist through digital evidence. 'Sweetie 2.0' is a method to detect online child molesters and aims at warning and scaring off child molesters with the objective to provide a safer online environment for children. Lector Digital Forensics & E-Discovery, Hans Henseler, foresees new possibilities in creating bridges and forming collaborations with other organisations located at the HSD Campus. This is a good example of the way cooperation between public and private organisations can lead to innovations in safety & security.



For more information see official newsitem Terre des Hommes (in Dutch)



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