Nominations Now Open: Digital Identity Innovation Award 2020

03 Jul 2020
Author: HSD Foundation

The Digital Identity Innovation Award recognizes and supports new innovations by the public sector, non-profit organisations and private businesses that will shape the future of our digital world. By means of this award, IDNext would like to encourage and reward the highest levels of technological innovation and entrepreneurial success. Also addressing the most relevant issues in the fields of security, mobility, privacy and much more. 


A jury consisting of experts and professionals judges the submissions. The submission for the Identity innovation award should be an innovative project, concept, service or product in the area of digital identity.


Submissions will be judged on

    • Innovative– How innovative is the submission, e.g., technological or business model
    • Success & impact– where the jury members will also consider expected future impact
    • Privacy– is there a positive impact on privacy, has privacy been sufficiently considered
    • End-user value– what is the value from the perspective of the end-user/citizen, also where applicable the perspective of other stakeholders will be taken into account.

Award ceremony will take place in a special edition. 


Deadline submissions

Nominations must reach the Innovation Identity award committee by September 1st, 2020. 


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