Introducing New HSD Campus Residents: TIIN Capital and Nixu

04 Dec 2019
Author: HSD Foundation

Recently two organisations established their office at the HSD Campus in The Hague: TIIN Capital and Nixu. The HSD Campus is the national innovation centre of the Dutch security cluster, with living labs, education and training facilities, flexible office space and meeting rooms. It is the place where businesses, government and knowledge institutions from across the country collaborate to harvest knowledge, and develop products and services that contribute to a more secure world. Find out why TIIN Capital and Nixu choose for the HSD Campus.


TIIN Capital: Dutch Security TechFund

As of November 2019, Europe’s leading cybersecurity venture capital fund, Dutch Security TechFund managed by TIIN Capital, has opened an office at the HSD Campus. This fund aims to boost start-ups and scale-ups by providing a strong eco-system across Europe with access-to-capital and access-to-market, specifically for companies operating in the cybersecurity sector.


Michael Lucassen, managing partner at TIIN Capital: “Opening our new office at the HSD Campus, puts Dutch Security TechFund amidst today’s cybersecurity tech-innovators and entrepreneurs. It also provides access to the network of HSD for those entrepreneurs from outside Europe looking to enter the European (cyber)security market. We are excited to work closely with the various stakeholders of HSD, amongst which investors in the fund such as KPN Ventures, InnovationQuarter and the municipality of The Hague, to support and boost start-ups and scale-ups to become successful global players.” 

TIIN Capital invites you to have a chat with their team in The Hague – being Reinout van der Meûlen, Roel Reijnen and Bart Houlleberghs – who reside at the 6th floor of the HSD Campus to explore how they can help you to achieve your ambitions.



Nixu is a Finnish cybersecurity services company on a mission to keep the digital society running. Nixu is very pleased with the opening of their new office at the HSD Campus October of this year and to become part of the HSD network.


"Working together with HSD has several advantages. Nixu in particular looks forward to being part of the core team, which works on establishing the international cyber pools needed to meet the ever-increasing demand for knowledge and insights in the field of cyber security. Working together with HSD fits in well with Nixu’s desire to support the public-private partnership in the field of cybersecurity in the Netherlands and abroad."

Nixu hopes that their arrival will contribute to the further development and strengthening of contacts with other cybersecurity organisations, knowledge institutions and companies on an international level - an important item that is also on the agenda of the municipality of The Hague.


Interested to settle at the HSD Campus?

Are you also interested in establishing your business at the HSD Campus or do you want to make use of the facilities? Please contact Miloud Achahbar from The Municipality of The Hague via 06-50088729 or

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