New Members Trusted Networks Initiative

15 Apr 2015
Author: HSD Foundation

On Wednesday 15 April Rabobank, ING Bank, AMS-IX, NL-ix, ASP4ALL and Logius signed the certificate making them a member of the 'Trusted Network Initiative'. The signing took place at the Innovation Room hosted as part of the Cyber Security Week on the Campus of The Hague Security Delta.



Since several months, the Internet has a new facility to prepare for extremely heavy DDoS attacks. The Trusted Networks Initiative makes it possible to temporarily close off part of the internet, while important websites still remain accessible to regular end users. This last resort Anti-DDoS solution is a newly developed additional mitigation approach, and is supported by many ICT stakeholders, all aiming to reduce the serious damage of these cyber attacks.

For an impression of the Trusted Networks Initiative watch the video.

Other certified partners, including project-initiators HSD and NLnet, can be found on:

More critical websites and networks are invited to apply for membership too. Interested organisations can send an email to: