Opportunities for HSD Partners Through Cooperation With Law Students

28 Oct 2015
Author: HSD Foundation

HSD Foundation and representatives from the International & European Law LL.B. Programme (LAW) of The Hague University of Applied Sciences recently discussed how the LAW students could be linked to the needs of the HSD Network. The LAW students could assist HSD partners in solving issues related to national jurisdictions, international and transnational law, EU Law etc. There are possibilities to place regular calls for interns or ad hoc legal assistants and to conduct research.

LAW prepares the Law Students for practicing in the professional field by developing specific skills that should allow them to easily adapt to any international environment within global organisations of which The Hague harbours many. The competences that are actively developed and tested in the LAW curriculum are:

1) the ability to analyse complex situations, identify and formulate the legal issue (‘legal analysis’ as a tested competence)
2) the ability to dictate relevant legal discussions and cooperate with peers and superiors, and the ability to refer to experts if necessary (‘legal communication’ as a tested competence)
3) the ability to identify and weigh the interests of the involved parties, which are often conflicting (‘legal representation’ as the tested competence) and
4) the ability to formulate a concrete solution or opinion for a legal issue (‘legal decision-making’ and ‘legal advice’ as the tested competences)

HSD partners are also invited to contribute to increasing students’ interest in the field of security by joining LAW’s Professional Advisory Committee (PAC) and by advising the Law Programme how to prepare students for their field of profession. PAC serves as a body to make recommendations concerning the content of the lectures, and how required competences should be tested in the LAW curriculum. HSD participation in PAC is of key importance because it will foster opportunities for the LAW Programme to meet the professional profile developed by the ‘security cluster industry’. LAW’s aim is to incorporate partners’ experiences, views and needs in their education.

In addition to internships, legal assistance, research projects and participation in PAC, LAW would like to invite partners to present their organisation to the students in one of the guest lecture sessions, which will be held in the first quarter of 2016 at the university campus.

If you are interested in finding out more about the opportunities for cooperation with LAW, please contact: Ms. Hilde Cadenau, Programme Director, at h.m.cadenau@hhs.nl