National Police Established at HSD Campus

19 Jun 2014
Author: HSD Foundation

As of June the HSD Campus welcomes the National Police to the premises. The National Police is a real asset to HSD Campus, being a contractor for innovative security solutions. As a result, knowledge institutions, government and companies (Triple Helix) are all represented at the National Innovation Centre. Other newcomers are ITSX and Authasas, making a total of 13 tenants established at the campus, and still counting.


National Police: ‘Easily accessible for innovation partners’
Mark Wiebes, Chief of Police and Innovation Manager National Police Unit asked for the National Police’s motivation to join HSD Campus: ‘The work of the National Police is generally known. A changing society requires a swift, flexible police force, constantly and quickly improving its activities. Innovation is of key importance as an integral part of the police’s work. In order to make innovation possible within the police as an organisation, close and intensive contacts between science, market, government and operational police work are required.’

‘In addition to the official contact lines - formally established between the police and each of these parties - it is important to meet each other in a more informal way, at the stage when ideas are formed. HSD Campus is perfectly adapted to this purpose and all parties present on the Campus are potential partners for the police. That’s exactly why we’re joining. The police will ensure a presence at HSD Campus on a daily basis, with professionals from different disciplines and various parts of the police organisation. Hence, the police will be easily accessible and approachable for the innovation parties in the campus, right from the idea-forming phase.’


ITSX: ‘The perfect place to build a security network’
Other Newcomer ITSX (subsidiary of Madison Gurkha) is a fast-growing IT security company that employs highly qualified consultants combined with a large pool of independent security professionals. ITSX offers high quality services to stay in control with respect to information security risks, focussing on the important “soft” side of information security: policies, procedures, compliance and interim management. ‘The HSD Campus is ideally situated for ITSX’, says director Remco Huisman: ‘close to a lot of our  customers and our employees. In addition to specific information and security knowledge, our network (together with Madison Gurkha), and our research capabilities, we may be able to offer various information security courses and workshops’, says Huisman.


Authasas: ‘Opportunities to jointly build best-in-class security solutions’
Authasas provides an eco-system of authentication software which can be integrated with all kinds of methods for authentication. The company already has a great number of implementations and partners all over the world, and is expanding fast. For instance their cooperation with NetIQ/Novell offers access to worldwide sales and support power. According to director Menno Stijl: ‘Authentication is a vital part of any information security solution. And also of compliance, for that matter. Good contacts with other partners in the security space are invaluable for extending our eco-system. That’s precisely what the HSD Campus has to offer: opportunities to jointly build best-in-class security solutions.’


CrowdSense: ‘Sharing the ambition of a secure world’
With an office in the HSD Campus since February 2014, CrowdSense also grabs the chance to introduce itself. Founding Director Richard Stronkman says: ‘CrowdSense’s main added value is at the forefront of innovation and revolutionises the way social media intelligence is leveraged in the security sector, both as a technology supplier and strategic partner for larger security organisations. CrowdSense’s solution, Twitcident, instantly analyses all public communication and delivers the earliest warning for incidents, high-risk situations, breaking news, real-world events and emerging trends.’ CrowdSense shares the HSD ambition of a secure world and benefits from the HSD Campus, because of its active networking and collaborating culture between SME, governments and knowledge institutions. ‘A number of new leads have already been generated as a result of on-campus events and summits’, says Stronkman.


Overview of residents at the HSD Campus

  • HSD Office (since 13 February)
  • Cyber Security Academy (since 13 February)
  • HCSS (since 13 February)
  • Crowdsense (since 17 March)
  • vanderVoort Cyber Security (since 13 February)
  • Tax Office Internet Service Center (since 1 April)
  • ICOPP (since 1 April)
  • Thales (since 15 May)
  • TNO (since 1 June)
  • Tokenizer (since 1 June)
  • Authasas (since 1 June)
  • ITSX  (since 1 June)
  • National Police (since 1 June)

    Would you like to join the HSD Campus or receive more information? Businesses, government and knowledge institutions can still apply and register for offices - temporary or permanent -, work stations, meeting rooms and training and lab facilities that are available to let. An online brochure about the options and features of the HSD Campus is available. For more information, please contact Mr. E. van der Rijt of the Municipality of The Hague: +31 (0)70 353 77 90 or


     Picture: Mark Wiebes, Chief of Police and Innovation Manager National Police Unit