More Soft Skills are Needed for Leading Today's Security Awareness Programmes

22 Apr 2015
Author: HSD Foundation

Organisations need the right people and skills to enable security awareness to reduce the human error leading to today's security breaches. The SANS Institute recently published their 2015 Security Awareness Report. The main outcome is that many organisations’ security awareness programmes are still in their infancy and many lack the soft skills needed to ensure successful implementation.


"In many cases, the wrong people are leading security awareness programmes or lack the training they need to be successful," says Spitzner, an internationally recognised leader in the field of cyber threat research and security training and awareness and director of SANS. "The majority are from highly technical backgrounds and lack skills such as communication and an understanding of human behaviour."


More than 75% of the awareness programmes surveyed are run by people with highly technical backgrounds, such as IT admins or security analysts, but with little experience in softer skills, such as communications, change management, learning theory or human behaviour. In addition, people limited to just technical backgrounds may be prone to view security strictly from a technical perspective. This shows the importance of a strong and diverse cyber security talent and of training programmes in cyber security. The Hague Security Delta and its partners are therefore working hard to grow the HSD Security Talent Community.


The report found the top two challenges facing security awareness officers are employee engagement and lack of support from senior management. "They need to understand that their organisation cannot effectively mitigate risk if security is treated only as a technical issue; the human issue must be addressed also," says Spitzner.


The report can be downloaded here.


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