Launch SMS ALARM -> 112 App

11 May 2015
Author: HSD Foundation

As of today, it is not only possible to reach emergency number 112 by phone, but also via the free National SMS ALARM ->112 App. The organisation behind the app, Landelijke SOS ALARM Hulpdienst, is a partner of HSD. Using GPS and the technical application data2voice, the app makes it possible to quickly share information about an emergency, e.g. location and number of people involved.

By making information about the emergency available quickly, the intake, and thus the time of arrival of emergency personnel at the location, is shortened. Emergency services can therefore work more efficiently, participation and self-reliance of civilians are increased, and civilians feel more secure. The app also ensures that control room dispatchers are being relieved. On (in Dutch) more information about the functionalities is available.

Security business Trigion, partner of HSD, has teamed up with Landelijke SOS Alarm Hulpdienst to increase security in the Netherlands. Ellen Groenewoudt, General Director of Trigion, explains: “Trigion wants to make the Netherlands more secure; this has been our mission and profession for over 100 years. Not only does the National SOS Alarm -> 112 App provide assurance to our employees and partners, it also let’s us mobilise them within the National Register of Dutch professionals With Aid Skills to actively involve them to contribute to the envisioned success.