6th KVK (Security) Business Challenge during GES

18 Apr 2019
Author: HSD Foundation

KVK Business Challenge GES 6th Edition. The open innovation platform for new business opportunities!


Do you want to do business at the highest level? Apply now for the special GES edition of the KVK Business Challenge. This 6th edition of the open innovation platform is linked to the Global Entrepreneurship Summit (GES) which takes place on 4 & 5 June 2019 in The Hague. About 2,000 successful entrepreneurs, experts and investors from all over the world gather at the World Forum with the goal of stimulating international entrepreneurship. A goal that suits perfectly with the KVK Business Challenge.


New (international) business opportunities

The organisation of the GES wants entrepreneurs to work together on innovation challenges via the KVK Business Challenge. This is an opportunity for you to do business (internationally): who knows, your company could become a new supplier for the National Police, Goudse Verzekeringen, KPN or Philips. And above all of that, you might get an exclusive invitation for the encounter on Wednesday 5 June during GES. You might meet famous entrepreneurs, such as Ivanka Trump. That is a one-time-only experience!


For the security domain there are 2 specific challenges:

  • Dutch National Police (international): Follow the money
    How can we uncover revenues and assets of illicit production and sale of synthetic drugs? 



  • De Goudse Verzekeringen (national): Determining IT service reliability
    How can De Goudse find out if an entrepreneur who wants to insure against cyber risks has properly organized their IT systems and/or services


Online chat

KVK Business Challenge is open for an online chat. Until Sunday 28 April 2019 you will have the unique opportunity to present your innovative ideas over a 4-week period. The corporates will then invite the entrepreneurs with the most appropriate solutions to a physical meeting known as a match. This will take place during the Global Entrepreneurship Summit 2019.


Don’t miss out on the opportunity to be matched with a selection of GES 2019 corporate partners! Join the conversation to showcase your tech solution to their business challenge. All business challenges are online now at the KVK Business Challenge platform.


For more information, visit the website!


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