Join the AI Hyperloop Virtual Study Trip

12 Jun 2020
Author: HSD Foundation

To see how Canada manages to lead the development of social applications of Artificial Intelligence, a study trip to this and in addition several other countries will take place on 29 & 30 June and 7 & 8 July. The virtual trip is an initiative of the Ministry of Justice and Security, CLAIRE, the AI ​​Coalition, HSD and the Data Science Initiative. Theme is: AI in the Humanitarian Sector.


The Data Science Initiative programme wants to investigate what AI means for the field of peace, justice and security according to the people who work at nine leading institutes in the world. Ideally, the trip would lead to a number of partnerships, for example for innovation projects in Horizon Europe, and for a conference on AI, Peace, Justice and Security that is planned in The Hague in the autumn of 2021. It addition, it provides the opportunity to get a view on potential interest to join the AI ​​Peace Palace: a project which is part of the investment agenda of the AI ​​Coalition and an initiative of the Ministry of Justice and Security and the Data Science Initiative. 



The programme consists of visiting the most interesting institutes and initiatives in Canada, USA, Germany and Switzerland. There are four timeslots in The Matrix, and you will move from continent to continent via the AI ​​Hyperloop at light speed. The programmes was set up in close collaboration with the embassies and innovation attachés.



Interested in joining the studytrip? Submit your interest via:



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Role HSD 

HSD is one of the many organisers for this programme. Joris den Bruinen, general director of HSD will be the delegation leader of the visit to New York. Joris Den Bruinen is also head of the Workgroup Security of the National AI Coalition. 

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