Invest-NL Invests in Dutch Security TechFund

05 Feb 2021
Author: HSD Foundation

Impact investor Invest-NL has joined the Dutch Security TechFund of TIIN Capital by making 5 million available. This was announced on 5 February. The Dutch Security TechFund now has € 36 million available to invest in early stage and later stage (Cyber) security companies. Since the start of the fund, five investments have already been made. Besides Invest-NL, investors such as KPN Ventures, InnovationQuarter, Investeringsfonds Groningen and the Holdingfonds Economische Investeringen Den Haag' (HEID) are also connected to this venture capital fund.


Based in Naarden, TIIN Capital, which also has an office at the HSD Campus, can therefore operate in a unique national ecosystem. There is sufficient capital, knowledge and talent available to make an impact and to work on a (cyber) secure Dutch society.


With the arrival of Invest-NL, which has made € 5 million available, the fund is able to invest deeper in promising younger and upscaling Cybersecurity companies in the Netherlands.


In the coming years, the fund will invest more than € 30 million in what is expected to be more than twenty (Cyber) security companies. It is expected that several new investments will be announced in the first quarter of 2021.


Are you looking for capital, click here for more information about the Dutch Security TechFund


Read the original pdfpress release in Dutch.



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