Introducing New Residents of the HSD Campus: StartMail & Group2000

18 Jul 2016
Author: HSD Foundation

The HSD Campus welcomes two new residents. The expertise of these companies varies from supplying IT security solutions to a privacy respecting email platform which offers easy to use email encryption


Group2000: HSD is the place to increase alignment with current and future partners 

Group 2000 is an independent, leading, innovative supplier and partner for a wide range of IT security solutions like lawful interception, surveillance, location based services, big data and analysis solutions. We are based in the Netherlands and embrace: innovation, flexibility, reliability and are dedicated and transparent in the way we act. Our approach and solutions help Governments, Intelligence Agencies, Telecom- and Internet Service Providers to solve security matters and creates sustainable critical nationwide intelligence infrastructures. Our robust and high performance solutions are used across the globe. "The HSD is the largest security cluster in the world and an unique partnership – collaboration between government- knowledge institutes and private enterprises. As one of the larger security companies in the Netherlands and our solutions involved for the governmental and telecommunication markets the HSD campus is for Group 2000 the place to be to be better aligned with current partners and future partners to speed up innovation and learn from best cases across the HSD partners."



StartMail: the HSD Campus feels like a seamless fit

StartMail operates the privacy search engines Ixquick and; to be able to search for information without being tracked or profiled is crucial in any privacy-respecting society. Beside our search engines we have developed StartMail: a privacy respecting email platform which offers "easy to use email encryption".

StartMail’s COO Alex van Eesteren says: "We believe online-privacy is a fundamental human right and it’s our mission to offer privacy friendly alternatives to the existing big tech-companies; not being based in the US has become an important competitive advantage for us." To facilitate our fast growing company we needed more office space in The Hague, the HSD Campus feels like a seamless fit for us given of the synergy with the other companies within the HSD Campus. The flexibility of the HSD Campus was another important reason for us, Alex continues; “we are a typical internet company: spread around the world with several local teams but with the desire to come together regularly. The flexible office space at HSD makes this possible for us”.