Introducing New Residents of the HSD Campus: Finaps, Fraud Dynamics and Validata Group

16 Dec 2015
Author: HSD Foundation

In the last quarter of 2015 three new companies- Finaps, Fraud Dynamics and Validata- moved in at the HSD Campus. The common domain of these businesses is a crossover between fraud en security: financial economic crime and fraud prevention. They will be working in close cooperation with the Institute for Financial Crime ( which opened an office at the campus earlier this year, adding new knowledge and expertise to  the Dutch security cluster.

Finaps “Knowledge sharing  will increase the chance of fraud being detected and eventually prevented”
Finaps settled in at the HSD campus in October. They develop innovative IT solutions using business engineers and an agile process resulting in high quality solutions with a short time to market. They have significant domain expertise in the Financial sector, in specific in the areas of Fraud, Risk & Compliance. Managing Director Lonneke Makhija: “Through joining the HSD we want to contribute to a safer world with our knowledge and expertise in the fraud domain. Together with other organizations on the HSD campus we believe we can develop innovative IT solutions that detect and prevent fraud. The advantage of our presence in  HSD is that it becomes easier to meet relevant stakeholders in the security domain and to share knowledge and expertise amongst colleague innovative companies. This knowledge sharing will increase the chance of fraud being detected and eventually prevented.”

Fraud Dynamics “Bringing in knowledge and experience in Big Data Analytics”
Another new tenant since November, specialising in the field of financial crime is Fraud Dynamics. Their goal is to put organizations ahead in fraud detection and analysis by  addressing the dynamic nature of fraud and the client’s business. “Through proven efficient anomaly detection models and on-top-of alert/case management, robust security, high efficiency and flexibility of response. But most important putting the legitimate customer at the heart of the business again”,  says Founder/CEO Sjoerd Slot. “The open and innovative environment of the HSD Campus is  where new initiatives and collaborations can start. Although our origin is in financial crime and fraud prevention, through our presence at the HSD Campus application areas of our anomaly detection models towards cybercrime, public safety and forensics has become more prominent. We are always looking for new challenges and (un)expected collaborations, of which the first are already in the making. We also look forward to bring our knowledge and experience in Big Data Analytics, through our direct relationship with Harvard, Stanford and MIT, and Financial Crime prevention to the HSD network.”

Validata Group “HSD Campus: excellent setting to keep our focus and share our network and information
Validata is specialized in the screening of candidates, employees, tenants and volunteers. The company offers services through an online, secure platform (SaaS). It helps small and large businesses make better decisions by offering reliable objective information prior to onboarding, and at the same time make sure all legal requirements and compliance demands are met.  COO & CIO Job van de Weijden: “Validata Group was founded in 2009 and is growing rapidly. The markets in which we operate are still very much in development. To stay ahead we have to focus on innovation in processes and software and keep up with all security and privacy standards. HSD Campus is an excellent place to meet like-minded companies involved in similar developments. Validata Group is a typical network organisation. Like Finaps and Fraud Dynamics we believe that, in order to excel at what we do, it is better to share ideas and developments with other businesses and to keep our focus at what we do best, aiming for our higher goal: a more secure environment. HSD Campus is an excellent setting to keep our focus and share our network and information on security, privacy, data, processes and software.

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