Introducing New HSD Campus Residents: SecurityMatters, Andrupos B.V. and Nexyz

07 Dec 2018
Author: HSD Foundation

The HSD Campus welcomes three new residents to the building during the weekly monday tenant lunch on the 7th floor:



ANDRUPOS is a leading-edge web-based automated document examination system capable of authenticating different printing techniques, and even identifying printers(by brand and model) and paper sources/ A game changer in document fraud, ANDRUPOS, as one of the most innovative features is the ability to link forged or counterfeit documents to a specific printer, in order to gather forensic proof of forged or counterfeit documents. This way organized crime can be easily traced.



SecurityMatters empowers critical infrastructure and manufacturing organizations with the ability to identify, analyze and respond to industrial threats and flaws, minimizing troubleshooting costs and unexpected downtime. We leverage OT-specific knowledge and understanding to provide visibility into critical assets and their activity and detect operational problems and cyber security threats as soon as they appear. We employ engaging, interactive visualizations and actionable insights to provide our customers with all the information they need to make their industrial networks cyber resilient. Our revolutionary network monitoring platform has been successfully deployed by customers worldwide.



NexyZ is a boutique M&A firm that advises technology companies on matters like; mergers and acquisitions, funding and business strategy. All partners have 25+ years of experience in the IT industry and their network is extensive. Our corporation with Boston Meridian Partners in San Francisco and Boston provides an additional entry into the security investors community in North America.