IQ and HSD Start Cooperation to Stimulate Innovations in Security that Lead to More Jobs

13 Oct 2014
Author: HSD Foundation

The Hague Security Delta and InnovationQuarter (IQ) aim to make better use of innovation opportunities in security and to create extra jobs. In the presence of Deputy Mayor of The Hague Ingrid van Engelshoven, both parties signed a cooperation agreement on  10 October 2014. Together they will help security businesses to grow and innovate by ‘matching’ of demand and supply and by organising cross-pollinations between businesses and between businesses and knowledge institutions. Also, they will guide security businesses in raising capital.


Security not only is a societal top priority,  but also an industry with many growth and innovation opportunities. This sector therefore is an important economic pillar for South-Holland and especially the region The Hague, with more than 400 security businesses, governments, knowledge institutions, and the national innovation centre for security. Deputy Mayor van Engelshoven: “The fast growing security cluster is a jobs engine for the Municipality of The Hague and the province of South-Holland as a whole. I am very happy to see that IQ and the HSD Foundation join forces”.


Both organisations strengthen each other. Rob de Wijk, General Director The Hague Security Delta: “HSD stimulates, facilitates, and organises cooperation in security between businesses, governments, and knowledge institutions. InnovationQuarter brings in knowledge and a network of regional top sectors. Together we can unite entrepreneurs from different industries when we see that cross-overs in expertise or technology could possibly solve security issues. Next, because of our knowledge on financing possibilities and funds for (security)innovations and our relations with private investors, we can match businesses in this region with potential investors. IQ’s Participation Fund and the HSD Development Fund are good examples of this.”  


Rinke Zonneveld, director InnovationQuarter adds: “InnovationQuarter has the ambition to develop South-Holland into one of the most innovative regions in Europe. Looking at its growth and innovation potential, the security cluster is an important driver of this. Because of our cooperation with HSD, we can strengthen each other’s networks and knowledge, which helps InnovationQuarter to make more focused investments and attract foreign businesses. Our mutual interest is the creation of social gains from the cluster”.


Watch the interview with Deputy Mayor van Engelshoven and Rinke Zonndeveld

Watch the interview with Rob de Wijk.


Click here for the official press release (in Dutch)


Foto Rinke Zonneveld en wethouder


Foto Rob de Wijk