Hudson Cybertec Supports TÜV Nederland With Cyber Security Certification in Critical Infrastructure

03 Oct 2019
Author: HSD Foundation

TÜV Nederland and Hudson Cybertec will be sharing knowledge on cyber security. Specifically, this will be fulfilled by providing experts from Hudson Cybertec in the certification processes of TÜV Nederland on the IEC 62443. The collaboration between both companies, with each their unique expertise and high quality standard, will significantly contribute to demonstrably increase and safeguard the digital resilience of companies and organisations.


Since the EU Cybersecurity Act came into force at the end of last year, it has become increasingly important for organisations to be able to demonstrate that they have taken all necessary measures against potential cyber threats. This is even mandatory in the critical infrastructure. The usual standard for IT security is the ISO 27001, but it doesn’t consider companies whose activities are supported by industrial automation systems such as PLCs and controllers. The IEC 62443 is an international standard that allows handling of cyber security measures that companies implement for their industrial automation and control systems in an accurate and structured way.


TÜV Nederland is part of the international TÜV NORD GROUP, having tens of thousands of activities in 70 countries and over 10,000 employees. TÜV Nord is one of the pioneers in the field of cyber security certification on the IEC 62443 standard, with accreditation, designation for certification on the IEC 62443 and is one of the few Certification Bodies with real IEC 62443 certification experience. The ultimate goal of the international TÜV Nord program "Security for Safety” is to make cyber security an integral part of functional safety.


TÜV Nederland is a technical and business service-provider of independent assessments such as certification, testing, inspection and training. They have assured the safety, quality, reliability and living environment of organizations, government and society since 1981, with objectivity, independence, transparency, expertise and integrity as foundation.


Edwin Franken, Managing Director at TÜV Nederland says: “This unique collaboration allows us to better support organizations, inside and outside of the Netherlands, with an IEC 62443 certification which is significant in demonstrably having digital resilience. The whole organization will profit of our ‘lessons learned’.”


TÜV Nederland distinguishes itself through its down-to-earth, accessible and practice-oriented view on assessments and as an approachable organization. TÜV Nederland is accredited under the ISO 17020/17021 and 17065 to independently test whether organizations, products or services meet the relevant standards.


Hudson Cybertec is a supplier-independent cyber security solution provider, globally involved with cyber security projects for Industrial Automation & Control Systems (IACS), such as bridges, sluices and oil & gas installations. With a large focus on cyber security in the Industrial Automation & Control Systems domain, Hudson Cybertec helps businesses to defend themselves against cyber security threats found in industrial automation, digital control systems and applications. Moreover, Hudson Cybertec is closely involved in the development of the IEC 62443 and is globally seen as the Subject Matter Expert (SME) on the standard. For this, Hudson Cybertec works closely with the Royal Dutch Standardization Institute NEN.



Marcel Jutte, Managing Director at Hudson Cybertec says: ”Demonstrably having cyber security is becoming more and more important. It is just as necessary to comply with laws, as it is for taking out an insurance. This collaboration will fulfil a pioneering role in our society”.


Hudson Cybertec also participates at European level in several EU cyber security initiatives for the critical infrastructure.


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