HSD Welcomes New Premium Partner: vhp human performance

21 Jan 2015
Author: HSD Foundation

vhp human performance is HSD's 12th official Premium Partner and will contribute to HSD's human capital agenda. Patrick Punte: “vhp human performance is a consultancy company which strongly believes that human performance is crucial to achieve sustainable high-performance organisations. Together with van Aetsveld and other HSD partners, vhp human performance will contribute to the human capital agenda of HSD by developing the Security Talent community and platform www.securitytalent.nl. In our vision, unlocking talent and stimulating versatile careers is crucial for a strong security sector. This is also important for economic growth and the battle for talent.”


Digital and human capital transformation
According to Patrick Punte vhp human performance focuses on two transformations that will be crucial in the next decade: the digital transformation and the human capital transformation. “Both transformations are also relevant for the security sector. Being a premium partner of The Hague Security Delta gives us the opportunity to actively contribute to these transformations by connecting organisations and stakeholders in the triple helix. By building new collaborations, we want to establish innovative pilots to solve a number of social issues on safety and security as well as stimulate new connections, business and economic growth.”


Track record in safety and security
The track record of vhp human performance in safety and security consists of a wide range of projects, collaborations and events. As part of digital transformation programmes, they analyse, design, and evaluate cross-organisational collaboration, for daily safety and security processes, as well as crisis management situations. Patrick Punte: “We have for example developed the concept and functional specifications for a new graphic user interface for future national emergency centre systems. Furthermore, we contributed to human capital programs for the Dutch Fire Department in order to reduce the physical and mental workload, resulting in improved vitality of personnel. Amongst our customers are governmental safety and security organisations, public transport organisations, airports, and industry.”


For further information, please contact:    
Patrick Punte via +31 6 1755 6322 or patrickpunte@vhphp.nl  
Peter Rasker via +31 6 2221 0600 or peterrasker@vhphp.nl