HSD Launches New Knowledge & Innovation Platform

28 May 2021
Author: HSD Foundation

The Dutch security cluster HSD, together with over 270 partners, is committed to making our increasingly digitalised society more secure. Knowledge sharing, collaboration and innovation are of great importance to achieve this. Due to the fact that this has become challenging due to the Corona pandemic, HSD has developed a new platform 'Security Insight' to facilitate this. On this platform, more than 70 experts share their knowledge and developments in the field of security through webinars, podcasts, blogs, reports, an innovation floor and (live)events. It is also the place where organisations can go with their security question and immediately find an expert who can help them. Independently ór with the help of HSD Office.


The platform provides insights into topics in the digital domain, such as data leaks, DDoS attacks, malware & antivirus, identity & access management, social engineering, cyber threat intelligence and cyber security awareness training. The platform also contains information on opportunities and threats in the field of fraud, subversing crime, crisis & incident management and cloud computing & services. Innovative security technologies, such as Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, data analysis, quantum computers and social media, are also covered on the platform. The aim is to connect organistions through content.


On the 'Security Topics' page visitors can find all the information on a particular topic, as well as the organisations that specialise in this topic. By creating a personal account, visitors can also save interesting content and experts.


Erwin Muller, Professor of Safety, Security and Law at Leiden University and Chairman of the HSD Advisory Board: "Knowledge circulation is the basis for innovation. One of the challenges that universities face is how to share and valorise our scientific knowledge so that the business community can benefit from it. A platform such as Security Insight can certainly help us with this. During the HSD multi-year strategy session with the Advisory Board, the idea arose for HSD to take a role in this. It's great to see that the platform is now in place and how many experts have committed themselves to HSD and the platform to make this possible."


Joris den Bruinen, director HSD: "When developing Security Insight, connecting parties through content and creating an inspiring environment was key. The Netflix-like set-up is based on this. To guarantee the security of the platform, we also had a pen test carried out. I would like to invite experts, organisations with a security challenge, but also students and those interested in the field of security to visit the platform and increase your knowledge or find a partner."


Visit the platform at securityinsight.nl 


Read the official press release in Dutch. 

Read the interview with Erwin Muller and Joris den Bruinen on Beveiligingsnieuws (in Dutch).


HSD partner and not (yet) visible on the platform as an expert? Please contact us via: info@securityinsight.nl , so we can send you our questionnaire about the fields of expertise of your organisation.

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