HSD Cross Sectorial CISO Meeting: Maturity of the Organisation

15 Apr 2021
Author: HSD Foundation

Did you know that HSD Office organises cross-sectoral intervision meetings for Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs), since 2018? And that several groups are attending. During these intervision meetings, CISOs from different sectors -such as the banking and governmental sector- exchange knowledge & ideas and discuss solutions for IT security and challenges in their role of CISO. 


On 13 April 2021, HSD had the honour of organising another online CISO intervision meeting. The theme chosen was the maturity of the organisation. The discussions were among others about maturity levels, ISO standards, rush jobs versus the roadmap, risk based cybersecurity and the importance of communication skills. The most instructive moments were probably the moments when the CISOs did not agree with each other.


15 April CISO groups 3 and 4 will continue where this group left off, again with a stimulating presentation and many examples, this time with more attention to practice. In June, peer review group 5 will meet again around a different topic.

Yesterday's anecdotes showed once again that the CISO is often the anonymous hero within the organisation, who keeps criminality at bay. Therefore, to honour them, not a black but a white bar.


CISO and interested in participating? Please contact hetty.deruijt@thehaguesecuritydelta.com.