HR-event ICSSS 2021 Network Opportunity with Cybersecurity Talent

25 Aug 2021
Author: HSD Foundation

On Wednesday 25 August a Human Resource event took place during the International Cybersecurity Summer School (ICSSS) 2021. The HR-event is one of the elements contributing to the networking feature of the Summer School. An event where ICSSS partners, and other relevant organisations, presented themselves and career opportunities within their organisation. 


A total of 10 organisations signed-up for the event as possible employers in future. The organisations who participated are; NCI Agency, Radically Open Security, SignPost Six, Cisco, Hudson Cybertec, Accenture Security, EclecticIQ, Secura, KPN, Deloitte and Leiden University. These eminent organisations had the opportunity to present their organisation to the 60 participating entrepreneurial students and young professionals of ICSSS 2021 in the cyber security field. The HR-event gave the organisations the opportunity to network with young professionals, Master- and PhD-students and possibly recruit them for their organisation.

In addition to the presentations, there was also the possibillity to have one-on-one talks with students. 


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From 22 until 27 August the ICSSS takes place. The Summer School is organised by Europol EC3, NATO Communications and Information Agency, Leiden University, Palo Alto Networks, Accenture, Cisco and HSD. And also, Deloitte, KPN, EclecticIQ, Signpost Six, Radically Open Security and the municipality of The Hague are involved. The students of ICSSS receive the latest insights on cyber security from the partners of the Summer School.

HSD Partners involved