HPE Cyber Risk Report 2016: Old Problems and Known Issues Still Rampant

22 Feb 2016
Author: HSD Foundation

On 17 February HSD partner Hewlett Packard Enterprise released their Cyber Risk Report 2016—detailing a threat landscape that, unfortunately, is still rampant with old problems and known issues. The annual report, published by HPE Security Research, offers in-depth industry data and analysis on the most pressing security issues, providing business leaders and security professionals with actionable intelligence to better protect their digital enterprises and drive fearless innovation.

This year’s Cyber Risk Report examines the 2015 threat landscape, providing actionable intelligence around key areas of risk, including:

  • Application vulnerabilities
  • Security patching and the
  • Growing monetization of malware

The report also highlights important industry issues such as new security research regulations, the “collateral damage” from high profile data breaches, shifting political agendas, and the ongoing debate over privacy and security.

To further understand the key findings, better understand the threat landscape, and to best deploy your resources to minimize security risk, read the 2016 Cyber Risk Report.

Here you can find more information.

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