How PublicSonar Contributed to the Safety of People in a Crisis Area

02 Dec 2019
Author: HSD Foundation
To showcase the vital importance of collaboration and expertise exchange, PublicSonar and an NGO shared their case with the residents of the HSD Campus. 

Located at the HSD Campus, both organisations got to know each other informally because of their interest in each other's activities. Recently, the NGO experienced an urgent situation, requiring them to bring several people into safety at a foreign crisis area. To do so, the NGO sought ways on how to get real-time information about that area. They quickly realised that PublicSonar's tool could be the answer to this need.

They got into contact directly in order to put everything in place for obtaining real-time situational picture. Via PublicSonars' SaaS tool, the NGO searched for images and text from social media, providing critical input for their operational decision-making on how to relocate from acute danger and to meet basic needs. Output from the searches included finding several roadblocks and damaged water supply, thus they were able to react by stopping over and buying water in advance. Owing to the agile collaboration, with the help of PublicSonar's technology people were able to get out safely from the crisis.