How InnovationQuarter Provides Access to Capital

13 Aug 2018
Author: HSD Foundation

InnovationQuarter (IQ) is an important strategic partner for HSD. It is one of the investors within the HSD network and provides risk capital to innovative companies that aim to grow further. IQ also plays an important role in attracting foreign companies that wish to set up a base in the Netherlands. In doing so, IQ contributes to economic growth and job opportunities. Of course, these goals are also shared by HSD. ‘Without each other, we would book less social return’, says director Rinke Zonneveld.



The security sector has shown a great deal of interest in IQ’s investment funds. A total of €137 million is available divided over three funds: IQCapital, UNIIQ and ENERGIIQ. The first fund finances innovative companies with a clear growth strategy, whereas UNIIQ invests in companies that wish to develop a proof-of-concept into an actual product. The last of the three invests in energy innovations focused on CO2 reduction, which is more in line with the other sectors in which IQ invests, such as high-tech & smart industry, horticulture, and cleantech. ‘We invest primarily in companies that generate a social return on investment and that have a team in place in which we believe”, explains Martijn van Hoogenhuijze, account manager for IQ. Together with his colleague Philip Meijer, he is responsible for discovering promising companies in the Safety & Security sector and for the acquisition of foreign companies. The companies in which IQ has invested in recent years include IHSD partners such as Cybersprint, Onegini and Andrupos.




IQ does more than just invest its own capital. It also brings HSD partners into contact with other private, public, and informal investors. ‘We are the most active investment fund in the Netherlands. I dare say we know everyone in this sector worth knowing’, says Zonneveld with a smile. Together with HSD and other partners, IQ regularly organises “access to capital” events, at which investors and businesses can meet each other on the HSD Campus. Van Hoogenhuijze: ‘By leveraging our mutual strengths, we are able to assist HSD partners and other companies with a good pitch. The support provided by HSD to its partners is visible to investors and generates confidence. This allows us to attract investments and capital to the Hague region, which in turn has a positive effect on the regional economy and job market.’

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