Hoffmann: More Large Cybercrime Incidents in 2015

16 Mar 2015
Author: HSD Foundation

Once a year Hoffman BV, partner of HSD, presents its report ‘Hoffman Statistiek’ on developments in fraud prevention. In this report, trends and developments of digital fraud in the private sector, knowledge institutions, and the public sector are discussed. The 2015 edition provides predications for this year and is based on Hoffman’s experiences in 2014 as well as on open sources.

Some of the predications for 2015 are:
- This year there will occur more large cybercrime incidents.
- In addition to businesses, social services will be increasingly targeted.
- There will be more attention for the prevention of both physical and virtual risks.
- The group of fraudsters will be more varied, because of decreasing loyalty of employees caused by short-term contracts. Also an increase will be seen in young offenders.
- There will be an increased number of incidents within the healthcare sector.
- The risk of terrorist acts aimed at Dutch businesses will increase as well.

Click here for the full report (in Dutch).