Highly rated new MBO (level 4) course for Safety & Security

04 Mar 2013
Author: HSD Foundation

There is a great need for well educated professionals within the safety & security sector. The current educational level for safety & security courses is considered to be insufficient. To respond to this need, the project 'Stepping Stones' has been launched in The Hague. In the past three years key partners of The Hague Security Delta have worked together to develop a broad range of safety & security studies around key issues in this domain. As a result, an extensive and highly rated MBO level 4 (equal to intermediate vocational education) will kick-off in the study year 2014/2015 at the school of 'ROC Mondriaan - Order & Security' in The Hague.

Graduates of this new programme will be able to continue their studies at The Hague University of Applied Sciences with the course: comprehensive safety studies & security management. This course will be offered at HBO level 5 (equal to professional university education). In order to ensure a smooth transition between the programmes the schools have collaboratively developed the curriculum to meet the requirements of both schools. Upon graduation, safety & security professionals will get the chance to eventually continue with specific programmes in security/risk management, such as CPO and CPP.

As a result of intensified collaboration within The Hague Security Delta similar educational initiatives will arise largely due to joint efforts of companies and knowledge institutes. Furthermore, the internationalisation of study programmes will be boosted and exchange programmes will be introduced in the near future. The goal is to reconfirm the role of The Hague as the city of Peace, Justice and Security by putting the broad range of safety & security programmes on the map that will arise from a closer collaboration in the industry.

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