Hackers Share Insights at Business Network Event

30 May 2013
Author: HSD Foundation

At the yearly network event for businesses in The Hague (‘het Ondernemersplein’), The Hague Security Delta gave the floor to hackers. Three professionals from different backgrounds vividly showed us the current state of cybercrime from their perspective. Their perspective being Advisor at the Dutch Banking Association (Nederlandse Vereniging van Banken),  a Certified Ethical Hacker and a professional hacker.  There was much enthusiasm to listen to the stories of the hackers. Geesje Eisinga from Hands at Work B.V.: “You hear it everywhere. I want to know what I can or must change to keep safe”.


Michael Samson of Dutch Banking Association kicked it off with an explanation of the most important changes cybercrime made over the past couple of years. The goal of the hack has changed. “Years ago, the main goal of hackers was to annoy you with a smiley rolling over your screen. Today, hackers want to annoy you as less as possible. Instead, they want to keep quiet and steal your personal information and preferably your money as well”. Stan Hegt, a professional hacker at KPMG and Wouter Parent, ethical hacker of WeSecureIT, demonstrated how easy it was to get to your personal information without being noticed. Tamara Vlootman, freelance copywriter for The Hague Security Delta: “Common sense and being aware of safety indicators like the little lock in your URL, remain good practices to prevent from  a security failure”.

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