$250.000 Available for Disruptive Digital Solutions for a Safer and Connected World

15 Jun 2016
Author: HSD Foundation

The Innovation Grand Challenge organised by HSD partner Cisco is searching for the most disruptive digital solutions for a safer, more sustainable and connected world. Digital transformation is more than simple connectivity; it is how we enable continuous and disruptive change in businesses, industries, and countries, enabled by the Internet of Things (IoT). For governments, it means improved services and better quality of life for citizens. For industries, it means a more efficient approach and more productivity, among many other benefits. Those new approaches provide more productivity, more efficiencies and greater satisfaction.


The awards are: 1st place $ 150.000, 2nd place $ 75.000 and 3rd $25.000. All cash prizes are in US Dollars. For HSD partners this means an opportunity to get access to capital and market. Besides these awards the winner also wins mentoring by industry experts, access to the network of Cisco Innovation Centers, and a trip to the Web Summit in Lison to pitch in the live finals. There are various challenge categories among which:



Can you disrupt infrastructure with your ideas around network connectivity, data analytics or more?

Smart cities
Can you transform government services and allow citizens to live a better, connected life?

Cyber security
Do you have a venture that makes people, businesses, and communities more secure?


Deadline for the submission is August 31. Winners will be announced at the Web Summit in Lisbon.

Want to submit your idea? Browse here.